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News Update

We have now broken up the Easter holidays and all classes will return  to school on Tuesday 22nd April.

We wish you all a very happy and holy Easter.

Dear Parents/Carers

We have had another extremely busy term at St Joseph’s and I hope that you will all enjoy a peaceful and joyful Easter. Years 3 & 4 have led us this morning along Jesus’ journey from Palm Sunday to the cross at Calvary in their beautiful and moving Easter liturgy and when we return to school on 22nd April, they will lead us in the celebration of the risen Christ in our assembly on that Tuesday morning.

I would like to thank Mrs Evans for preparing and rehearsing the liturgy and for the witness she has given to the children of her own deep and lively faith.

Awards and Attendance

There has been so much to celebrate this term. Our Friday family assemblies have seen so many children acknowledged for their good learning behaviours, for their resilience and determination and for their evident successes and progress. Many have been praised for the way in which they support the life of the school through their good manners and helpfulness and their kindness to classmates and the attendance cup has been passed from year to year each week to reward some excellent levels of attendance which has raised the attendance figures in school overall to the national figure to which we aspire of 96%.

Thank you for supporting us in this endeavour and in the ‘tough love’ that you are showing to your children by encouraging them into school and not allowing days off when they are just a little under the weather. Thank you also for the positive response from those who have received letters regarding your child’s attendance and for the improvements that we have seen in a large number of children this term. We have    43 children who will be receiving books in recognition of 100% attendance since 7th January 2014.

Sporting Life

We are very proud of our netball teams at St Joseph’s who are made up from Years 5 & 6. In the first festival that we have ever entered the teams both won their divisions without losing a single match and played with such enthusiasm and excellent team spirit that the young leader working with them commented on how fantastic they were. Kitted out head to toe in St Joseph’s tracksuits they really looked the part and made us all intensely proud. They played equally well in the finals and although they didn’t make one of the top places they grew enormously in confidence and we know that they will go from strength to strength.

My thanks to Miss Maycock and to Mrs Gibbins who have been coaching the teams and who have transported and accompanied them to their games and encouraged them all the way.

We also have a budding hockey team now who have been training with young leaders from BGN school after school – watch this space.

Our Year 1 children thoroughly enjoyed the Dance Festival that they took part in recently and they performed their dance for us all in a Friday assembly, which was an absolute joy!

PE Kit

It is very exciting that, thanks to our links with the North Oxfordshire Sports Partnership and to Mrs Thompson our PE Co-ordinator, our children are beginning to participate in more sporting activities. We want to encourage this as the confidence and skills that this can develop in the children are so valuable. Please ensure that your child has their correct PE uniform with them in a named bag at the start of each term so that they do not miss out on any opportunities to take part due to lack of kit. It is also extremely important that the children feel proud of themselves and their school. It is about identity and it makes a huge when they are dressed smartly in a uniform kit.

Our PE kit requirement is very simple: a plain white t-shirt and navy shorts. Navy hoodies with the school logo and tracksuit trousers are available from the school office.

Summer Uniform

We are all hoping that the summer term will bring us some better weather! However, there can be a temptation to allow uniform rules to slip when the sun does begin to shine. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our summer uniform code.

Girls:      A blue and white checked dress, plain navy cardigan or sweatshirt (preferably with the school logo).

I would like to add to this that white socks only must be worn with the dress. Socks must be just below knee high or ankle socks. If you consider it to be too cold for the summer uniform at present then it is acceptable for the girls to continue with the regular uniform until Term 6. However, please refer back to our regular uniform for girls as there are too many children wearing non-uniform jumpers and tops.

Boys:     The boys may wear grey or charcoal shorts in the summer but these must be tailored school shorts and may not be any type of beach short or sports short. Tailored school shorts are easily and cheaply purchased in all the supermarkets and shops in town which stock school uniform.

Boys socks may be knee high or ankle socks but must be grey. A plain navy jumper or sweatshirt (preferably with the school logo).

A sense of identity is very important to all of us. It gives us a sense of belonging and builds our confidence and self-esteem. The more your children identify with our school community and feel that they belong to the family of St Joseph’s they more they will blossom and develop. You can support this so easily be ensuring that they come to school dressed properly and smartly.

School Improvement

We were disappointed by the lack of parents that came to school for the meeting about how we are working to raise achievement and attainment in the school. I am posting the PowerPoint slides that I had prepared onto the website so that you can take a look at these.  It is important that you, as parents, feel a part of our raising achievement action plan and therefore I will hold another meeting next term to keep you up-to-date with our progress. Please do come along. We will provide tea and coffee and biscuits and it’s a great opportunity for you to meet with one another as well as with us. We have taken on board the comments made on Wednesday night by the parents who did attend and will be making use of the noticeboard by the playground gate to improve communication as well as addressing some other issues raised.

There is still so much to do to make St Joseph’s the great school that the children deserve. Working together we will be so much stronger!

Year 6

I would like to comment on how hard the Year 6 pupils are working towards their SATs exams. They are being extremely well prepared by Mrs Marsh and supported by Miss Maycock, Mrs MacFarlane and Mrs Cronin.  A number of the children will be attending Easter workshops over the holidays and we wish them all well in their exams.

Dates for Diaries

We will issue a full calendar of events at the start of next term, but in the meantime:

Thursday 1st May 2014                   Feast of St Joseph’s

 We intend to celebrate our Feast day with a whole school Mass to  which you are all most warmly invited. We will confirm the time after Easter. We also intend to hold a Celebration of Talents to mark   the occasion – more information to follow…

Friday 9th May 2014                         School Photographs

Week beginning 12th May             Year 6 SATs exams take place during course of week

Thursday 5th June 2014                  Confirmation Mass in St Joseph’s Parish Church at 7.00 p.m.

Saturday 21st June 2014                 First Holy Communion Mass in St Joseph’s Church


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues for their hard work and commitment to St Joseph’s School. They are an incredibly dedicated group of people and they offer great support to the children, to one another and – I am sure you will agree – to you as parents.

Lord God,

Help us to see the light you bring into the world.

Help us to share this light with those around us,

Not only with the words we use

But with the things we do.

Let our lives bring light to others around us,

And help us when we need to take that light into the darkness.



Thank you for your support of me during the course of my first term as Headteacher of St Joseph’s. May you all experience the joy of the risen Christ at Easter, in your hearts and in your homes.

With warm best wishes

Ms C Smith






Parent Questionnaires

Thank you to all of you who completed a questionnaire sharing your views of our school.  We received many positive comments and also ideas about how we can do things better.

Here are a few of the comments we received:

“My son enjoys school and he is doing well.”

“Communication between teachers and parents is fantastic.”

“There is a good atmosphere for studying and spiritual learning.”

“I believe this school is well led and my child likes attending.”

“In the last six months I have seen a big improvement in the school.”

Some of you would like to see us develop more after-school clubs, more homework and more detailed information about the curriculum.  We are already discussing these and all the other ideas suggested.  Thank you for your support.









School mission Statement The mission of our Catholic school is to provide the highest quality of education. Through the example and teachings of Jesus we celebrate our friendship with God and help each other to follow in His way. We work hard using our God given talents for the good of other people and to achieve our best. In our school community we show respect to every person. Together with our families, our parish and our local community we seek to create a safe, happy school and become confident caring citizens.

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