Year 4

Class Teacher - Miss Wortley

Curriculum Web - Spring Term

"We would recommend Year 4 to everyone because we have a lot of fun.  We are learning detectives and are investigating how we learn and what we can do to help ourselves become even better at using our knowledge and understanding to help make challenges easy for ourselves. Around our classroom we have lots of resources to help us and we make posters that remind us of how to make our work easier and how to help ourselves.  In Year 4 we ask lots of questions and work as a team to make our classroom and everyone in it happy."


Viking Trip

We went to the musuem in Woodstock to find out all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, it was great -we could dress up as Vikings and learnt to spell our names in Runes.  We looked at the brooches and jewelry worn at the time and at burials as well.  It was interesting to see the different coloured wool they used to make their clothes as we thought they mainly had grey or brown but they had lots of colours.  


Viking Technology Day

After our trip we had lots of questions about the things we had seen so some of us investigated how they made all the different coloured threads we had seen.  We took vegetables like beetroot and spinach and boiled them in water and then left string in the coloured water to see if that would dye them.  

We also investigated how the Vikings could sail so far without SatNAvs and made Sun compasses...we used nails and card to do this, we had to mark the tip of the shadow of the nail every half an hour to make a curve, once we had the curve we drew a straight line from the point of the curve nearest to the nail to the nail and this line marked north to south.

Vikings also made coins by pressing round discs of metal between to coin dies which we made form clay.  They also used weighing scales to check the items they were selling were balanced against the items they were buying - so we made these too out of plastic cups and string.

Finally, the Vikings relaxed in the evenings by playing board games which we also made and will learn to play in class in the next few weeks.



On Thursday 28th September Mrs Roberts came to start teaching us the Clarinet.  We learnt important words to help us understand the different parts of our clarinets and worked as a team to find the pulse of pieces of music.  

Pulse is the heartbeat of the music

The reed is something we put in the clarinet to make the sound

Mouthpiece is the part of the instrument that we blow into 

Vibration is when something makes a sound like a bee. 


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