Year 4

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Date for your Diary - Thursday 13th July – Clarinet Concert, 1.20-1.45pm. All are welcome to come to our concert

In Year 4 we loved taking part in Healthy Eating Week!  We completed our tracker everyday and shared our changes on a Class Tracker – come and see it on our classroom window to see how much we changed!  By the end of the week, we were great at drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day, eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.

We learnt a lot about the Balanced Healthy Eating Plate, and about why our bodies need some of every food group.  We learnt what each food group was important for.  We put our knowledge on some thought-provoking posters.

Our biggest achievement was that our class became Breakfast Champions!  We researched breakfast and showed our statistics in graphs and bar charts.  We discovered that our class became excellent breakfast eaters by the end of the week – almost all of us had a drink, some carbohydrates for energy, and at least one of our 5-a-day too!  Our breakfasts became very delicious and adventurous over the week!  Thank you to our families for helping us with this!

 We also created our own healthy breakfast cereals.  We tried lots of seeds and fruits and worked out how to add natural sweetness instead of normal sugar.  Our cereals were DELICIOUS and very healthy too! We learnt about packaging and designed our own cereal boxes to show the ingredients and the health benefits.


15th June - Year 3/4 BGN Family Quadkids Competition

Everyone took part in a 50m sprint, 400m run, a throw and a long jump.

We are proud to say that our A Team came 4th out of 12 teams!  We had some amazing individual success too;

Overall, Alfie T came 9th, Dominik came 11th, Ellis came 17th 

Girls, Atena and Sarah came joint 8th, Zainab came 16th, Summer came 18th

Mia F, Roksana and Nimrah were absolutely amazing as they were chosen to compete against the Year 5/6 athletes at the competition!

We are very proud of our resilience, effort, determination and the way we supported each other. 


We had a fantastic day taking part in Banbury in Bloom with the Town Council on Friday 9th June

We planted a flower bed near the children’s play area.  It was a Superheroes theme, and ours is the one with the incredible Ironman in the middle!  Summer had a superb idea for the flower bed to be based on the world (around the Ironman) plus hearts (in red) around the edge to show Ironman’s love for the world.  It was fun to choose the plants we needed and watch the flower bed go from a patch of bare soil to something colourful!

Please go and have a look - we are really proud of it!

Lots of adults complimented us on our behaviour throughout the day, and we had brilliant fun dancing, singing and taking part in games with the Radio Roadshow in the afternoon.  We had a lovely picnic, met some superheroes and even had time for a play in the play area!  It was a great day!



Uniform, kit and equipment

  • All children should have a fruit/vegetable snack at breaktime and a water bottle every day, especially as the weather gets warmer.
  • As routine, please could your children bring a cap/hat and come to school in suncream.  It would be lovely to spend more time outside.
  • Children are bringing toys, e.g. fidget spinners, to school at their own risk.  Although we would not encourage children bringing these things in, at this point they are allowed unless they interrupt learning.  We will not use school time to look for lost toys.
  • Reading is still a daily activity – Thank you in your support of this.  Those who read daily are making more rapid progress and those who don’t may be left behind a little, which can lead to anxiety, so this really is a priority as we head towards the end of Year 4.  If it cannot be fitted in at home, we will find time in the school day for catch up.
  • Clarinet is still on Thursdays.
  • Homework is still handed in on Wednesdays.  Thank you for your support with this.
  • All children need a bookbag or Reading folder for their belongings as well as a school bag.  Please let me know if you’d like to borrow one from school.  They need this with them every day.
  • Children need their school outdoor PE kit on Mondays and Fridays.  This includes a white T-shirt, black shorts/tracksuit trousers and outdoor trainers.


Please continue to pop in any time to see the children’s wonderful work!  There is a lot for them to be proud of and they’d love to show it off to you.  Please also feel free to come and chat to us about any questions or concerns, however small.  We will be happy to find time to talk with you.

What a busy time we had last term!  The growing display of ‘Life in Year 4’ which adds to the information on the class pages of the school website show all the fun learning we experienced!  The children produced some wonderful work on the Ancient Egyptians, and this is set to continue through this term too.  We are looking forward to inviting you to another exhibition in July.

7th May - Mock Election

On Wednesday, we had a mock election in our school. We represented three of the main parties ( Conservatives , Labour and Liberal Democrats. ) KS2 had their own votes to see who the school would choose as our country leader.  


Today (18th May) we enjoyed taking part in the parish Mass at St Joseph’s RC Church. 

It was a lovely walk to Mass which gave us the chance to reflect on the beautiful sights and sounds of the world around us, and the feeling of the warm sunshine too. 

Thank you to Father Bill and the parish for welcoming us.

Today (17th May) we went back to the local library to learn how to renew and return books.  The librarians showed us how to use the machines for this, as well as how to use the computer there.  They also showed us the excellent Oxfordshire Libraries app which we all got VERY excited about!

After learning more about how non-fiction books were organised on the shelves, we all made a bookmark for our new books by writing our name in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics!
Some of us now have our own library cards which is brilliant!  


Ashmolean Museum visit

Today(16th May) we learnt so much about the Ancient Egyptians by seeing parts of their life for real!  We were amazed by the wall paintings, artefacts and hieroglyphics that were thousands of years old.  We saw an actual mummy and some beautiful sarcophagi that gave us some great ideas for our own models.

We are looking forward to showing you the sketches and notes we made when we were there.
The museum is free to enter and we would definitely recommend it for a school holiday visit!

Our Clarinet lessons are really paying off now!  We are excited to announce that we will be holding our first concert next term.  We have learnt several songs, just by reading the music, and can now play a number of them without breaks!

Today (5th May 2017) we learnt about how libraries work by doing lots of activities with books.  We discovered all the things you can read and do at Woodgreen Library.  We all chose a book on our special Class Library Card which we will learn how to return in a few week’s time.

We recommend everyone joins the library!  


Today (28th April) we enjoyed a fabulous day learning to be archaeologists!  We did a site survey and set up our trenches!  We used the skills we’d learnt from the visiting professors and archaeologists to excavate carefully and slowly.  All of our teams found artefacts!

We had to bag them, fill in proper Records of Finds and next week we will clean and analyse them.

It was so good that lots of us carried on excavating at lunchtime!

Please look at more photos and read reports in our Humanities Books!

We feel very proud of our play and are looking forward to showing it to the school on Friday 7th April as part of our Easter Liturgy.  We have worked really hard on our singing, dancing and acting and really hope you enjoy it!

Today (28th March) we learnt all about Brazilian animals and much much more!  It was amazing to go inside a section that felt and sounded like a mini rainforest.  The expert talked to us all about plants and animals that could be found in the Amazon – it was very hot and wet in there!

Thank you so much to all of you who came to our Exhibition today (23rd March)!

Thank you so much to all of you who came to our Exhibition today!

We hope you enjoyed our Rio Carnival dance and masks!

We really enjoyed showing you our work, especially our light up electronic quiz games and our mini-internets about rainforest animals.  We also enjoyed reading our folktale storybooks to you.

Also, our Cake Sale and Raffle with Year 3 has now raised nearly £200 for our LKS2 fund and The Good Shepherd Appeal - thank you so much!!

We had such fun celebrating books today (2nd March) – we loved dressing up!  We hope you enjoy looking at our book cover artwork in our classroom window too.

Term 5

This term, the children will be looking at one of the most fascinating periods of history.... the Ancient Egyptians!

We are excited to show you our humanities and art & design work on tomb discoveries, Ancient Egyptian religion, the lives of Pharaohs, scribes, servants and farmers as well as everyday life for children.  We are excited to learn some hieroglyphics and even make our own sarcophagus.  Please come in and see our work at any time – we love showing it off to you!

Our RE work will begin with reflections on Easter.  We will continue to learn through stories, art and drama as well as writing.

Our English work this term will link with our topic and we will be reading a variety of Egyptian myths and fables. We will be creating our own Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and writing some of our very own myths.  
We will also be being journalists this term, learning the skills of writing newspaper articles to write some of our own about exciting discoveries!
Our spelling work will continue to be 5 tricky words per week and the important rules to help us spall a range of prefixes and suffixes.  We will also develop our skills with some tricky letter patterns and sounds like _ous and _tion
Our punctuation and grammar work will continue with a focus on apostrophes and speech punctuation, as well as pronouns and other parts of speech.  We will continue to develop our expertise in identifying all the parts of speech.
Our reading focus will be on clarifying words we don’t know in dictionaries and on  working out information about characters, settings and plots using hints from the author.

During maths lessons we will be building on all our written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve mathematical problems.  We will also continue to develop our expertise with fractions and build our knowledge of shape, position, direction, measures and statistics.   

In science the children will be studying Light and Forces & Magnets.  We will enjoy lots of experiments in the classroom to help us learn about these. 

We are very lucky to welcome back PE specialist Mr Pemble to our class on Monday mornings, when full Outdoor PE kit and trainers will be needed.  He will teach us a range of games, and we will also be learning the sports and techniques of athletics this term.  Our gymnastics and dance will continue too, usually on a Friday.

Clarinet lessons will continue on Thursdays.  We are getting ready for our concert!

Homework: Either Maths or English homework which will focus on the weeks learning will be set on Thursdays and discussed the following Wednesday.  This homework will let you know more about what we have been learning that week, or will be learning the following week.  Thank you for your help and support in this.
Daily reading remains a top priority for the class.

Please come in to visit any time – we love showing our work and achievements off to you!

Term 4

This term, Year 3 and 4 have been learning all about Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest. We have been learning all about the different animals, plants and tribes people that live and thrive in the rainforest environment.

On Tuesday 28th March, we went on a trip to The Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford. The park is home to hundreds of tropical animals, many originating from Brazil. We saw toucans, capybaras, flamingos, leopards, porcupines and lots of tropical reptiles and insects.

We were given a tour of the Tropical Rainforest House by zookeeper Jade, who is an expert on all things Amazon! She helped us spot the slots , spider monkeys and bats hiding in the bushes.

The children had a brilliant time, and were so excited to see some of the animals we have been learning about in real-life!

28th April - Archaeology Day 28th April year 3 and 4 






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