Year 6

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Welcome to Year 6, the final chapter of primary school. A year of exciting opportunities, rewarding experiences and challenge! This is your year to shine. From sports competitions to SATs; Junior Citizen to our Sky Studios visit; St Chads to our end of year production, there is something for everyone in Year 6.

As well as reaching our potential academically, there will be plenty of opportunities to participate in key roles and responsibilities within the school that will equip you for your transition to secondary school.

In Year 6 you will be expected to work hard but in return, you will be rewarded with many happy memories, lasting friendships, and an increased confidence to take you onto your next adventure.

22nd June - Warwick Castle

On Thursday 22nd June, Year 6 went to Warwick Castle where we had the best adventure a pupil could ask for. Firstly, we searched in a Horrible Histories maze to find 6 unique time periods. After that, we watched an experienced bowman who showed us his amazing skills with many weapons; managed to conquer the twist and turns of the medieval castle (Mrs Dowers managed to survive the journey without falling);and we were mesmerised by the birds of prey as they soared above our heads. It was a great day out!

Alfred and Kuba 


20th June - St Mary's College, Oscott

On Tuesday 20th June, we visited St Mary's College, Oscott and the people who are training to become Priests allowed us to explore the college. We did a variety of activities and learnt about  the history of the college, the relics of the college, praying for different people and the way they are trained. We managed to see and learn all of this in five hours, thanks to the amazing people who reside there.

Alfred and Kuba, Year 6


7th May - Mock Election

On Wednesday, we had a mock election in our school. We represented three of the main parties ( Conservatives , Labour and Liberal Democrats. ) KS2 had their own votes to see who the school would choose as our country leader.  



Tuesday 25th April

Year 6 visited St Joseph's back yard and took part in a carpentry session that used authentic tools from Jesus' time.  A good time was had by all.

In Year 6, we have got a new bookshelf full of amazing books and fantastic authors. We are looking forward to reading them.


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