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Term 4 Newsletter - Mar 29




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18th January 2018 - Panto

Image result for aladdin pantoAll the children had a wonderful time watching the pantomime today.

6th January 2018

Welcome back to a new term

December 2017

We had wonderful Nativity shows from our EYFS and KS1 children.

November 2017

October 16th - 20th 2017 - Citizens of the World Week

October 2017 - Rosary Prayer Group

Come to our Rosary Prayer Group in the library every Friday lunchtime at 12.40 Years 1-6
We pray to Our Lady and reflect about the life of our Lord Jesus, her only son, through our chosen Mystery.

Thursday 5th October - Atomic Science Assembly



Wednesday 27th September


September 2017 - BBC visit St Joseph's

w/c 25th September 2017

12th September 2017

Please click here to view our Inspection Repots section to see the full report.

12th September 2017

12th September 2017

Thank you to Father Bill who blessed our classrooms today followed by the first Mass of the year.

6th September 2017

Welcome back to a new year with a letter from the head. Click here to view.

7th July - Sports Day Houses


Please click here to see the PDF of sports day

7th July - Sports Day

4th July - Transition Day

Please read our letter to parents here

30th June - Colours of Hope Day

Please read our letter to parents from 28th June here 


27th June - Nursery and Reception Pirate Day

Please click here to view in full screen

23rd June - Fencing Club

Fencing Club is again taking place during term 6.  We are delighted to welcome back coach Olly Bickley, who is working with twelve children from years 4 and 5.  They had all previously participated in the 'Go Fence' club and are now enjoying learning to fence using metal foils.  

'Go Fence' club will start up again in September.    

22nd June - Warwick Castle

On Thursday 22nd June, Year 6 went to Warwick Castle where we had the best adventure a pupil could ask for. Firstly, we searched in a Horrible Histories maze to find 6 unique time periods. After that, we watched an experienced bowman who showed us his amazing skills with many weapons; managed to conquer the twist and turns of the medieval castle (Mrs Dowers managed to survive the journey without falling);and we were mesmerised by the birds of prey as they soared above our heads. It was a great day out!

Alfred and Kuba 



21st June - Teeth Cleaning

Charlotte Iddon from Community Dental Services visited the Reception class this week to see the children cleaning their teeth.  St Joseph's has been part of a teeth-cleaning pilot scheme since last September, and Charlotte was delighted with what she saw.  Although the pilot scheme is now drawing to a close, we are delighted that Community Dental Services will continue to support  teeth cleaning at St Joseph's next year.   

20th June - St Mary's College, Oscott

On Tuesday 20th June, we visited St Mary's College, Oscott and the people who are training to become Priests allowed us to explore the college. We did a variety of activities and learnt about  the history of the college, the relics of the college, praying for different people and the way they are trained. We managed to see and learn all of this in five hours, thanks to the amazing people who reside there.

Alfred and Kuba, Year 6


17th June - Sacraments

We were delighted to welcome Bishop William Kenney to St Joseph's Church on Thursday 8th June to confirm some of our year 6 children.

On Saturday 17th June we celebrated First Holy Communions in the parish.  It was a glorious day and a delight to see the children so well-prepared and so excited to receive Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist.

Children who have received the sacraments this year, and their families, are invited to attend Sunday Mass followed by a parish celebration on Sunday 24th June.  During the celebration, Father Bill will present the children with their certificates.



15th June - Year 3/4 BGN Family Quadkids Competition

Everyone took part in a 50m sprint, 400m run, a throw and a long jump.

We are proud to say that our A Team came 4th out of 12 teams!  We had some amazing individual success too;

Overall, Alfie T came 9th, Dominik came 11th, Ellis came 17th 

Girls, Atena and Sarah came joint 8th, Zainab came 16th, Summer came 18th

Mia F, Roksana and Nimrah were absolutely amazing as they were chosen to compete against the Year 5/6 athletes at the competition!

We are very proud of our resilience, effort, determination and the way we supported each other. 


13th June - Nursery and Reception visit Birdland

We had a brilliant time looking at all the wonderful birds and other animals there. Our favourites were the cheeky flamingos and the enormous tortoises!

We all sat together and had a lovely picnic in the sunshine!

Please click here to look at some of our photos from Nursery and Reception

 12-16th June - Healthy Eating Week

In Year 4 we loved taking part in Healthy Eating Week!  We completed our tracker everyday and shared our changes on a Class Tracker – come and see it on our classroom window to see how much we changed!  By the end of the week, we were great at drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day, eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.

We learnt a lot about the Balanced Healthy Eating Plate, and about why our bodies need some of every food group.  We learnt what each food group was important for.  We put our knowledge on some thought-provoking posters.

Our biggest achievement was that our class became Breakfast Champions!  We researched breakfast and showed our statistics in graphs and bar charts.  We discovered that our class became excellent breakfast eaters by the end of the week – almost all of us had a drink, some carbohydrates for energy, and at least one of our 5-a-day too!  Our breakfasts became very delicious and adventurous over the week!  Thank you to our families for helping us with this!

 We also created our own healthy breakfast cereals.  We tried lots of seeds and fruits and worked out how to add natural sweetness instead of normal sugar.  Our cereals were DELICIOUS and very healthy too! We learnt about packaging and designed our own cereal boxes to show the ingredients and the health benefits.



12-16th June - Healthy Eating Week

This week we have been celebrating Healthy Eating Week! As a class we have discussed ways to keep our bodies and brains  healthy, including: drinking lots of water, eating 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables per day and doing lots of exercise. We have also challenged ourselves to try some new or different healthy foods that we have not tried before! 

In class we tasted some more unusual tropical fruits such as grapefruit, mango, pineapple, mandarin and apricot. We then choose our favourite fruits and made a healthy fruit salad, which we ate at our picnic on the playground.

We have also been doing lots of exercise and have been doing many of our normal lessons outdoors this week. We have been practising our measuring skills by using metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure our throws,  jumps and ourselves! We made healthy Egyptian bread and even tried some humus too!

We have also been making a big effort to bring healthy lunches into school, and teachers int he class have been giving out passport stickers to children that bringing in healthy snacks and lunches.

It has been a fantastic week! 





Healthy Eating Week - 12-16 June

One of Year One's challenges for Healthy Eating Week is to taste new foods.  Some of them made us pull very funny faces!


9th June - Year 4 Planting in the Park Day

We had a fantastic day taking part in Banbury in Bloom with the Town Council.

We planted a flower bed near the children’s play area.  It was a Superheroes theme, and ours is the one with the incredible Ironman in the middle!  Summer had a superb idea for the flower bed to be based on the world (around the Ironman) plus hearts (in red) around the edge to show Ironman’s love for the world.  It was fun to choose the plants we needed and watch the flower bed go from a patch of bare soil to something colourful!

Please go and have a look - we are really proud of it!

Lots of adults complimented us on our behaviour throughout the day, and we had brilliant fun dancing, singing and taking part in games with the Radio Roadshow in the afternoon.  We had a lovely picnic, met some superheroes and even had time for a play in the play area!  It was a great day!



9th June - Breakfast Club

I visited Breakfast Club today and found the children getting ready for Healthy Eating Week . They were checking out the cereal labels to see how much sugar and salt each cereal contains.  Finally they sorted the packets from the least to the most healthy. This will help all the children at Breakfast Club to make healthier breakfast choices next week.

 Great work!

 Mrs. Davies


7th May - Mock Election

On Wednesday, we had a mock election in our school. We represented three of the main parties ( Conservatives , Labour and Liberal Democrats. ) KS2 had their own votes to see who the school would choose as our country leader.  



17th May - We are so eggs-cited!

We have chicks hatching in our classroom at the moment, and they are making us so happy.  If you would like to visit the new arrivals, Mrs. Davies will open her classroom door a little early each morning for the rest of term.  Parents - please feel free to come too and bring your little ones to see ours!


May - EYFS

We would like to thank Katie and Mr Crawford at BGN for our wonderful multi-sensory unit. Katie made the unit for us as one of her A2 Design and Technology projects and, as you can see, the children are thrilled with the result. We had lots of fun suggesting the types of elements that the unit might incorporate and measuring children to make sure that the unit was at the right height. Many thanks Katie and good luck with your exams and into the future!

Please click on the link to see more photos - click here.

16th May - Year 4 Ashmolean Museum

Today Year 4 learnt so much about the Ancient Egyptians by seeing parts of their life for real!  We were amazed by the wall paintings, artefacts and hieroglyphics that were thousands of years old.  We saw an actual mummy and some beautiful sarcophagi that gave us some great ideas for our own models.

We are looking forward to showing you the sketches and notes we made when we were there.
The museum is free to enter and we would definitely recommend it for a school holiday visit!

5th May - Year 4

Today Year 4 learnt about how libraries work by doing lots of activities with books.  They discovered all the things you can read and do at Woodgreen Library.  They all chose a book on our special Class Library Card which we will learn how to return in a few week’s time.

We recommend everyone joins the library!  


2nd May - Year 6

In Year 6, we have got a new bookshelf full of amazing books and fantastic authors. We are looking forward to reading them.


28th April - Archaeology Day 28th April year 3 and 4 


Today we enjoyed a fabulous day learning to be archaeologists!  We did a site survey and set up our trenches!  We used the skills we’d learnt from the visiting professors and archaeologists to excavate carefully and slowly.  All of our teams found artefacts!

We had to bag them, fill in proper Records of Finds and next week we will clean and analyse them.

It was so good that lots of us carried on excavating at lunchtime!

Please look at more photos and read reports in our Humanities Books!

25th April - Y6 Visit St Joseph's Back Yard

Year 6 visited St Joseph's back yard and took part in a carpentry session that used authentic tools from Jesus' time.  A good time was had by all.

For more info on St Joseph's Back Yard please click here

28th March - Year 3 & 4 Cotswold Wildlife Park

Year 3 and 4 have been learning all about Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest. We have been learning all about the different animals, plants and tribes people that live and thrive in the rainforest environment.

On Tuesday 28th March, we went on a trip to The Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford. The park is home to hundreds of tropical animals, many originating from Brazil. We saw toucans, capybaras, flamingos, leopards, porcupines and lots of tropical reptiles and insects.

We were given a tour of the Tropical Rainforest House by zookeeper Jade, who is an expert on all things Amazon! She helped us spot the slots , spider monkeys and bats hiding in the bushes.

The children had a brilliant time, and were so excited to see some of the animals we have been learning about in real-life!


24th March - Bingo and Fish & Chip Supper

We will be holding a Bingo night with a Fish and Chip supper for parents and carers on Friday 24th March 2017 at 6.30pm. Come and have fun playing Bingo and enjoying a fish and chip supper.
The event is open to KS2 (Years 3-6) parents and accompanied pupils.
Tickets will be:
Adult – Fish and chips and first Bingo card - £6.50
Child – Fish and chips and first Bingo card - £4.50
If you just want to play Bingo then you can buy your tickets for £1 per set of cards.
Refreshments will be available, so come and join us for a fun night – you never know you may win a prize!
Please complete and return the slip to book your ticket and order your supper.
We hope you can come and support this school event. Please view the full letter here.

23rd March - Year 3 & 4  Rio Carnival

Thank you so much to all of you who came to our Exhibition today!

We hope you enjoyed our Rio Carnival dance and masks!

We really enjoyed showing you our work, especially our light up electronic quiz games and our mini-internets about rainforest animals.  We also enjoyed reading our folktale storybooks to you.

Also, our Cake Sale and Raffle with Year 3 has now raised nearly £200 for our LKS2 fund and The Good Shepherd Appeal - thank you so much!!

4th March - Big Spring Clean

We would like to say a Huge Thank You to everyone who came and helped on the day, All the paths around the school were swept, the playground jet washed, the bike shed and KS1 windows washed, wiped and cleaned, the bench and playhouse sanded and painted, pots and planted areas cleaned up and planted with bright spring flowers. View poster here.

2nd March - World Book Day

Thank you to everyone who participated on world book day, we all had a fabulous day. Don't forget to spend your book vouchers before 26th March 2017. Please view a selection of costumes from each year here.

10th February - Newsletter

Latest newsletter available here

27th January - Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly

Please find attached the slides from our Holocaust Memorial Day Assembly - click here

16th December - Newsletter

Latest newsletter available here

Reception - Woodland Walk

Reception have been following our interests and exploring bugs, the children had their own idea to build bug houses. This term, we will continue to link our woodland walk to the learning in the class room.  


December 2016 - Supervised Toothbrushing Cont.

Reception have been brushing our teeth after lunch and are getting very good at it. The children love showing their bright, clean smiles after they have brushed.


7 December 2016 - Community Dental Services Presentation

Community Dental Services visited today and held a presentation for our Year 6 students and interested parents.


November 2016 - Supervised Toothbrushing

St Joseph’s School is delighted to be one of only five Oxfordshire schools participating in a pilot scheme with Community Dental Services, with the aim of improving children’s oral health.   Research shows that brushing from an early age helps to reduce tooth decay and other problems associated with it. 

Each afternoon, the children in the Reception class are brushing their teeth with fluoride toothpaste, supervised by members of staff who have received ‘healthy smiles’ training.  This is in addition to children’s usual teeth-cleaning routines at home.  The children are all really enthusiastic about it! 

To support our parents, we have invited a guest from Community Dental Services to come and give a presentation about improving oral health for the whole family.  We are currently finalising details and will let you know the date and time shortly.  Watch this space!       


October 2016 - Citizens of the World week

Just before the half term holiday, all pupils at St Joseph's School took part in a full week of activities celebrating different cultures and countries. As part of the week we held a full day of various sporting activities to celebrate different continents.  Please click here to see the full article.


October 2016 - Operation Christmas Child

Different classes will fill shoe boxes for different age groups and each class will ask for specific items. Please hand items in by Friday 11th November so that we have time to pack all the boxes and deliver them to our local collection point at St Joseph’s Church. Please see copy of letter here.

Many thanks indeed to all the families who donated items for the Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal. Please see attached Thank you and Photos here.


17 - 20 October 2016 - Citizens of the World Week

Please find attached the slides from our Citizens of the World Week Closing Assembly - click here


2016-2017 School year begins on 5th September 2016

Spaces still available for Atomic Tom's science club - please see flyer attached here.


13 June 2016 -  Able Writers Day at Orchard Fields 

Some pupils from Years 3 and 4 were invited to take part in an Able Writers’ workshop with writer Stan Cullimore, once of the Housemartins pop group.

We started the day writing humorous poems and a letter to explain why they were late… they were encouraged to tell ‘dirty, filthy lies’ as part of the creative writing process.

The final activity was the planning and writing of a TV script based on 3 characters: a pink fluffy unicorn, a cat (based on one of the teachers) and a hunter, which they thoroughly enjoyed creating.

Freya told me that she now knew not to make the writing too complicated. ‘It was a fun way to learn and I feel more confident with my writing’ said Paige and Philana added,  ‘I learnt that I must think before I write to get the best ideas’ were some of the comments made during the day.

29 April 2016 - Golden Anniversary Mass

On Friday 29th April we held the second of our Golden Anniversary celebratory events. A beautiful Mass was celebrated in the school hall, followed by home-made cake for all and a Celebration Show in which each class performed a song or dance or both!

At the end of the morning children gathered to plant a fig tree to commemorate the event and to stand as a symbol of the wonderful fruit that St Joseph’s school has produced over the years.


18 April 2016 - 22 April 2016 - World of Work Week

During the week beginning 18th April we were delighted to welcome a number of very special guests to St Joseph’s School to speak to the children about their professions. BBC World Service Correspondent Jackie Leonard, Barrister Naomi Perry and Jaguar Landrover engineer Robin Aitken inspired Years 6, 5 & 4 whilst Marian Scigulinski talked to Year 3 about his volunteer work as a local Community Officer. Miss Potter’s nephew sent KS1 a whole team of firemen to introduce the children to the heroic work of one branch of our emergency services.


14 April 2016 - RE Inspection on 23 February 2016

Please click here to view the letter to parents.

Please click here to view the full report.

24 March 2016 - RE Inspection on 23 Ferbuary 2016

Please click here to view the letter to share the findings of the diocesan inspection. Full report to follow.


24 March 2016 - Newsletter

Please click here to view our latest newsletter, Part 1, Part 2

18 March 2016 - Prayer Walk

On Friday 18th March 2016 we held a Prayer Walk around the school and our local community to mark the blessing of the cornerstone of our school buildings on 19th March 1966.

Stopping at prayer stations along the way, all the children and staff of St Joseph’s walked through the Princess Diana Park, along Edmunds Road and back down to school, praying for our school, for God’s creation and for our local community and the parish of St Joseph the Worker.

The children carried with them prayer stones which they had designed and painted themselves and many of these will now be used to form a small prayer garden around our fig tree which we intend to plant to commemorate the Feast of St Joseph in this, our Golden Anniversary year.


10 March 2016 - Netball

Congratulations to the netball team who won in Banbury and went forward to the North Oxfordsire group where they took 3rd place. Well Done.

12 February 2016 - Newsletter

Please click here for the latest newsletter

03 February 2016 - Living Eggs

“Eggciting” events in Key Stage One!

Please follow this link for more photos and updates on the Living Eggs

01 February 2016 - Atomic Tom & Science Week

We have invited Atomic Tom, a science specialist, to our school who will put on demonstrations and workshops where children in KS1 and KS2 can take an active role. This will provide the children with first-hand experience of experiments that would not normally be available at primary school level. Our aim is to spark their interest and extend their knowledge of science and create some budding scientists of the future. The school is funding the majority of the cost for these two days of activities, but we are asking for a small donation of £1, so we can continue to offer these fabulous opportunities for your child. All donations are greatly appreciated. Atomic Tom will be in School on Monday 1st February, visiting EYFS, KS1 and Years 3 and 6 and then again on Wednesday 3rd February, visiting Years 4 and 5.

Please click here to view the letter to parents e-mailed on 27 January 2016

27 January 2016 - Holocaust Memorial Day

Year 5 and 6 pupils from Maximilian Kolbe House led an assembly for KS2 this morning to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. It was a very moving assembly which they prepared with great sensitivity and maturity.

Please click here to view the presentation the pupils put together.

26 January 2016 - Father Hudson Care Visit

Margot Scotford from Father Hudson Care visited school this week to promote the work of the Father Hudson organisation and to ask us to raise money for the Good Shepherd Appeal during Lent. This is our annual Lenten good cause and we look forward this year to additional class fundraising activities supported by our group of Parent Class Representatives. Please look out for the money boxes which the children will be bringing home. 

January 2016 - Joint First Prize in a County-wide Anti-Bullying Competition

We are delighted that the video that Mr Lewis and the School Council compiled during National Anti-Bullying week in November 2015 has won joint First Prize. The video will be posted on the OXME website (link to follow) and the School Council will consult and decide how to spend the £50 cash prize.

18 December 2015 - Term 2 Newsletter

View the newsletter here


Anti-Bullying Week November 2015

The children really enjoyed the activities that were organised for them by the School Council during the recent Anti-Bullying week. The School Council led a whole school assembly and organised a Poster competition to highlight the impact of bullying on children and to promote the message that at St Joseph’s no form of bullying is acceptable. 

Mr Lewis and the School Council also set up the production of an anti-bullying video with every class taking part. We are really pleased with the result and you can view it below.


23 October 2015 - Term 1 Newsletter

View the newsletter here

21 October 2015 - NSPCC Update

The virtues we have been practising this term are ‘gratitude and generosity’ and we are very admiring of your generosity. Thank you again for your contributions to the food bank at Harvest Festival time and also for the massive amount of £848 raised for the NSPCC – look out for an article in the Banbury Guardian this week.

Banbury pupils put their best feet forward view the article in the banbury guardian here

8 October 2015 - NSPCC update

A fantastic total of  £466.75 has been collected so far.  

NSPCC are visiting the school for a family session at 2:30pm on Friday 16 October 2015 and we would like to welcome all parents and carers to attend this session in the school hall.

If anyone has any donations or sponsor money to bring in please do so by Friday 16 October 2015. You can collect a sponsor envelope from the school office if you need one.


30 September 2015 - Harvest Festival

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to the generosity of our parents for the donations for our Harvest Festival, these were collected by Banbury Food Bank on Friday.


25 September 2015 - tenten theatre visit to puplis and parent session

Thank you to all the parents who attended the parent session we hope you enjoyed it, our children had a great day and we hope they have shared this with you. Please find below a letter to outline the sessions your children attanded and suggestions to follow-up at home.

Letter from ten ten theatre to parents - Click Here


17th September 2015 - NSPCC Visit to pupils

Please take time to have a look through the attached documents

Letter to Parents from Clare Smith Headteacher - Click Here

Thank you letter from NSPCC - Click Here

Poster from the NSPCC sponsor challenge - Click Here


17th July 2015 - Term 6 Newsletter

View the newsletter here

26th June 2015 - Year 6 invite MP to visit School

View the Press Release in the Banbury Guardian here

View the news item from Victoria Prentis here

26th June 2015 - Year 5 Partnership Day at BGN

View the Press Release in the Banbury Guardian here

12th June 2015 - Year 5/6 Dan Freedman visits for the launch of his new book – Unstoppable

View the news page here

10th June 2015 - Year 4 Planting day

On Wednesday Year 4 went on a fabulous trip to Peoples Park. We designed our own flower bed, which was judged by the Banbury council. We also created our own centrepiece based on the famous Lady on a white horse.  And even though we did not win we had fun and tried our best! 

View the gallery here

22nd May 2015 - Term 5 Newsletter

View the Newsletter here


On Tuesday 20th June, we visited St Mary's College, Oscott and the people who are training to become Priests allowed us to explore the college. We did a variety of activities and learnt about  the history of the college, the relics of the college, praying for different people and the way they are trained. We managed to see and learn all of this in five hours, thanks to the amazing people who reside there.


Alfred and Kuba, Year 6

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