St Joseph's Back Yard

Week 1 - Tuesday 7th March

"We have split our first piece of wood and made a start. Life is all about making starts; sometimes it is the hardest step to make. We have met each other and begun something new in St Joseph's Back Yard - meeting new people is exciting. 

Imagine how it would be if we saw each other anew each day, if we did not hold on to the things of yesterday but gave each other the freedom to start anew each morning."

By David Burke

Week 2 - Tuesday 14th March

The first of six stools has been made; there are some finishing touches to do but almost there. What does the customer think? Saint Joseph had customers too. Do you think that customers might be a bit like God? We want to do our best for them but in order to know what that is we need to talk to them. Doing God’s will can be a bit like that - we need to talk to Him and then do our bit.

What does God want us to do? Love everyone all the time. We need God’s help to do that. And rather like turning the wood on the lathe, things won't always turn out the way we expect. The children know that already - life is full of surprises!

Week 3 - Tuesday 21st March

This week’s Gospel story tells us about the blind man who washed his eyes in the water and his sight was restored. We close our eyes when we go to sleep and it was when St Joseph was asleep that God appeared to him and told him what to do - like the blind man he got up and took action. They did what God told them and their lives were shaped by their action.

In making the stool legs from the log is the log like sleeping wood? The action we take is to shape it with the axe and chisels. The axe and the chisel represent Gods words.

If we allow God’s word to direct our lives we will be changed, our lives will be shaped by God just as the log is shaped by the axe and chisel.

Week 4 - Tuesday 28th March

Last week we were deciding what shape to make the connecting pieces and which way the legs should face. Some sides were better than others - or were they just different? 

And so it is with us and how we view others. Some sides of our lives may be better than others and other people will be different from us. The beauty is already there and it is in how we work together that makes the difference. 

The friendships we make can be 3-sided like the legs of the stools – me, my friend and God who has brought us together. 

Week 5 - Tuesday 4th April

The stools are coming together with one leg still to be made. When the children saw the two stool tops on the bench they said, “They look like hands!”

As the tree was growing the hands were together, as in prayer but when the tree was split to be of service to humanity the hands were opened - to be of service as we are called to be.


Week 6 - Tuesday 25th April

Year 6 visited St Joseph's back yard and took part in a carpentry session that used authentic tools from Jesus' time.  A good time was had by all.

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