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9th March 2020

Year 5 and 6


Homework March 9th – March 20th


Over the next 2 weeks we would like you to research a scientist, engineer, inventor or explorer (basically someone who has added to our knowledge and understanding of the world).  We want you to find out all about them, make notes, research information and discover how that changed our world. 

You will need to know about their whole life – when they were born, where they grew up, how they developed their ideas etc.

This research will be needed for a writing project we will do in Science week (week beginning Monday 23rd March) so you will need to have it all ready for then!

Remember, don’t copy information, the project will be easier if you fully understand what your chosen person has done, so make notes and bullet points in your own words to help you with that.



10th February 2020

Year 5 and 6

CLICK HERE to access chapter one of May's Moon  for you to read over half term  



Please look at these websites which has lots of games to help with Maths

Helpful learning websites compiled by Year 5 for Year 5 


Times tables games: 

Times tables grid  http://flash.topmarks.co.uk/3124 


Mental maths games: 


Lots more maths games can be found by googling (lots of these were recommended by Xavi and came from: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/) 


24th January 2020

Year 5 and 6 Sustainability homework project:

In Term 4, we will be investigating the concept of Sustainability in class.  As part of this work, we will be exploring what we as individual members of a community can do to make our local world more sustainable.  We envisage supporting you in developing a community sustainability project.  In order for this to happen, you will need to research what sustainability is and design a project that we can run from school to change something in our local area.  Our suggested time frame is outlined below.  We expect everyone to hand in a project design by Friday 28th February.

To Do:

Research ‘What is sustainability?’ and decide what that means to you (1 Week)

Look at resources in your local community (park, library etc – places people go) and research ideas for what you could develop here (1 week)

Write up and illustrate your project idea and explanation with a plan for how we would run it (You will need to think about the materials, cost and time you will need to get your project going, as well as who you will need to contact or communicate with to get the community to join in your project and whether you need adult support –who?) (2 weeks work)

The projects can be created on powerpoint, word, or hand written/drawn but they must look smart and show the hard work you have done

What will happen after that?

Entries will be read and reviewed and the Top Ten Projects will be selected.  The authors of these will be asked to present them to Years 5 and 6 who will then vote on the project they would like to help implement. Finally, we will launch the winning project!




YEAR 5 & 6 Christmas Challenge -  18.12.19 - 12 Days of Christmas


YEAR 5 -  13.12.19 - How to blow up a balloon

YEAR 6 -  13.12.19 - How to blow up a balloon



YEAR 5 - Term 2 - Civilisations from around the world 

YEAR 6 - Term 2 - Civilisations from around the world



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