Year 5



Young Leaders

On Wednesday 6th November we spent the day learning about leadership and how to be compassionate, resilient supporters of younger children in our school.  With Mr Pemble we worked out the key skills we would need to be successful in helping others play exciting games successfully.  We played team-work games and leant about how to make games fun and interesting before we developed our own ways of presenting and teaching games to the Year 2’s.  It was a hard day BUT it was really fun, and we have enjoyed being Young Leaders over the last few days and putting our newly discovered skills to the test.


No Pens Day

Then on Wednesday 13th November we spent the day trying to work without doing any writing.  We decided the focus of our day was to develop active listening skills and to communicate clearly and effectively.  We did lots of paired work to help solve problems, we carried out some drama activities exploring what happened to Hector and Achilles near the walls of Troy.  We spent the afternoon learning about the art of debating and how to put across our points of view and listen to and respond top the points of views of others.





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