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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School: ”Every child called by name”

At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Banbury, we believe that every child is a unique creation made in the image and likeness of God, uniquely precious and uniquely gifted. We believe that every child is “called by name” with a special service or gift to bring to the world and that we are entrusted with the development, nurture and safeguarding of every aspect of our pupils - spiritual, academic, emotional and physical.

We understand that as teachers we are uniquely placed to develop in our pupils the qualities and characteristics that will ensure, in the future, that they are ‘good neighbours’ and good citizens.

It is our desire to develop in our pupils a sense of their place in our school community, in the Church, in the communities within which they live and as citizens of the United Kingdom. We aim to develop a commitment in the children to contribute to their communities in a way that benefits all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or culture. We understand our role in developing a respect for the democratic processes and rule of law in our society and we have a strong commitment to encouraging our pupils to view themselves as citizens of the world.



Good Neighbours & Good Citizens


The promotion of fundamental British Values

Spiritual, Moral, Vocational, Social and Cultural Policy



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