Home School Agreement

As a pupil at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School I will try to:-

  • Respect teachers and all adults who work with me and care for me;
  • Follow Jesus’ teachings by looking after others in the school;
  • Wear my school uniform and bring all equipment I need every day;
  • Keep our school tidy and look after the equipment and books that the school provides;
  • Take care of my own belongings and have respect for those of others;
  • Observe all school rules;
  • Always work to the best of my ability;
  •  Pray and reflect reverently;
  • Set a good example to younger children in the school.

As a school we will endeavour to:-

  • Provide Religious Education for all pupils in accordance with the Curriculum Directory for Catholic schools as regulated by the Archbishop;
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which actively engages your child and nurtures his/her curiosity;
  • Provide for the needs of all pupils regardless of  ability or background and ensure that your child is given every opportunity to realise his/her potential whilst aiming for high standards of achievement at all times;
  • Provide a safe, happy environment for your child in which they are treated with respect and compassion;
  • Nurture your child’s Faith and spiritual life;
  • Be open and welcoming and offer opportunities for you to be involved in the life of the school;
  • Provide regular information about school events, your child’s progress and their behaviour;
  • Listen to concerns and do our best to help;
  • Encourage children to respect themselves, each other, other people in their communities and their surroundings.

As a family we will endeavour to:-

  • Make every effort to make sure that our child attends school regularly and on time and provide a note of explanation or telephone if s/he is absent;
  • Talk with teachers about our child’s progress and make an effort to find out about the work being undertaken in school and the ways in which we can support this;
  • Support the school’s Catholic ethos, the spiritual life of the school (including collective worship) and the school’s ‘Values and Virtues’;
  • Support the school’s policies on attendance, discipline, uniform, and safeguarding and advise the school of any health or relevant family problems.
  • Support the school in practical ways when opportunities arise;
  • Encourage our child to respect themselves, each other, other people in their communities and their surroundings.

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