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At St Joseph’s Catholic school, we recognise prayer is central to our life as Catholics. As a community we see prayer as an essential way to communicate with God. Therefore, we set aside time each day for our classes to pray. We also offer opportunities for the children to plan, lead and reflect on prayer during their time with us.

We start each week by coming together in a Gospel assembly on Monday mornings, and we end our week together celebrating our achievements in our Mission Assembly.

During the week there are other opportunities for children to gather as a class, phase or Key Stage to come together for Prayer and Liturgy.

Throughout their time at school the children will learn prayers in class, these support their prayer life. They will also write their own prayers and respond to other prayers shared in school.

Click here to access our Prayers at Heart which we share in school. 



As a Catholic primary school in the Archdiocese of Birmingham we have adopted the Jesuit Pupil Profile which celebrates Virtues taken from the Gospel. These are qualities we aim to develop in all the members of our community.

We believe that:

Ø if we nurture gratitude in our pupils, they will practise generosity;

Ø if we nurture attentiveness in our pupils, they will practise discernment, make good decisions in their lives and accept responsibility for their actions;

Ø if we nurture compassion and love in our pupils, they will treat others with respect and they will learn to empathise with those who suffer poverty, injustice or violence;

Ø if we nurture faith and hope in our pupils, they will have the confidence to contribute positively to the communities in which they live and inspire others to be hopeful for the future;

Ø if we nurture eloquence and truthfulness in our pupils, they will be honest and respectful in their relationships with others;

Ø if we nurture wisdom and a desire to learn in our pupils, they will use their gifts and skills for the benefit of others and will contribute positively to others’ lives;

Ø if we nurture curiosity in our pupils and engage them actively in their learning, they will become lifelong learners who are tolerant and respectful of difference and diversity;

Ø if we nurture a strong conscience in our pupils, they will have the confidence to lead by example, reflecting God’s love to others and striving for harmony and equality in the communities around them.


As a school, we live our shared mission every day and share this regularly as a school. When we gather for Mission Assembly on Friday afternoons, it is this Mission that we celebrate:

We believe that everyone is a unique creation made in the image and likeness of God, uniquely precious and uniquely gifted. We believe that everyone is “called by name” with a special service or gift to bring to the world and that we are entrusted with the development, nurture and safeguarding of every aspect of all our community.

Pupil leadership

We encourage our pupils to develop their own faith life. Every class selects Faith Stewards to serve the school each year. The Stewards support the Head and Deputy in developing the prayer and liturgy offered to the school community; they support whole school, key stage, phase and class prayer; they hold us accountable to our Mission; they plan, implement and evaluate our CAFOD LiveSimply award progress.

Please click here to access our LIVE SIMPLY Plan